Rocky Hall Runners Roundup

UPDATE: Times are calculated on scheduled start time of 5:30:00am. Race got away at 05:31:38am however we are keeping it simple for now and working from the scheduled start time. We work from the times supplied by crew, our trusty marshalls are also on the ball which helps us keep things accurate or prompt people. We try to work on time in, sometimes we are only supplied time out as no doubt crew are busy looking after their runner so brilliantly in other ways. So times are indicative.

Will now try and put in our Top 10 overall!

1 Andrew McConnell 4:45, (has left Cathcart 6:50) 2 Gerard Riordan 4:47 (Cathcart 6:52), 3 Joe Ward 5:04, 4 Kay Bretz 5:05, 5 Stephen Redfern 5:05, 6 Maree Connor (Time TBC, sighted placing),  7 Andrew Heyden 5:13, 8 Rob Mason 5:14 9 Greg Thomson 5:30 10 Ben Nicholls 5:30

A group about 15 minutes back, Marc Rawlings, Shane Simpson, Mark Hope, Scott Harrison.

Leading Women:

1 Maree Connor (5:04, CP2 7:18) 2 Nikki Wynd (5:44), 3 Cassie Cohen 5:56, 4 Julie Brock 5:56 5 Beck Butler 6:00 7 Kristen Brace 6:04 8 Pam Muston 6:07 9 Annabel Hepworth 6:13 10 Jane Trumper 6:15, Nikki Burke 6:15


Lead Runner Andrew McConnell just passed through Rocky Hall CP (10:17), looking strong.

Closely followed by Gerard Riordan (looking good) (also through RHCP). Interesting initials for that location. “Can’t stop”.

Another 3 runners through. (39, 21, 15) Kay Bretz (waiting on time), Stephen Redfern, Joe Ward.

First female runner Maree Connor (29) through (6th overall).

14 and 34 recently through. Rob Mason and Andy Heyden.

Ben Nicholls, Greg Thomson, Scott Harrison (feeling good), Andy McConnell (feeling good), Marc Rawlings (great shape) all out.