Joe Ward wins the 2021 C2K!

Inclement weather was called by the race directors!

With that, Joe Ward wins in 25:14:18, with Andy McConnell second in 25:33:48!

Kay Bretz makes the podium, 27:08:36 for his 3rd place.

Maree Connor is our first female finisher and 4th overall in 28:45:45

Andy Heyden (29:17:33) has finished 5th in an epic battle with Stephen Redfern (29:17:50), just 17 seconds apart. At this distance, that’s relatively a photo finish!

We’ve hit the 30hr mark, but Gerard Riordan has eased under it for 7th place in 29:54:42.

Leaders as at CP5 are updated to 8:30am in CP5 post.