Hazards and Safety Information

Note for Race Updates, scroll down the posts, I’m updating CP by CP at the moment.

Chiefs would be aware of the following…

Race Director reminder that runners must have Hi Vis vest on when crossing the bridge at Bibbenluke- no exceptions to this Race Rule.

Hazard lights must be on at all times- it has been noticed that some crews are inconsistent and if it continues your runner may be penalised.

From the field: For crews with small 2WDs, some boggy patches have been noticed on Bukalong Siding Rd near the old rail line and 2 underwater causeways on Gunningrah Rd. Take care.

From Directors: Take care around 98km, there are 2 causeways which are passable but require due care- we have a marshall there- must get some advice from them first. (Earlier from field: causeway is about 20cm deep and flowing quickly).


Looking ahead to Jindabyne, due to flooding runners will need to deviate off the concrete path at Jindy about 1km in (after the sailing club) and on to the mountain bike track “Yabby’s track”.