First Runner through CP3 Gunningrah Rd 107km


Most competitors have made it to CP3, as at 8:20pm.

Nikki Wynd has withdrawn, shows how tough it is out there.

David Bennie has just withdrawn at the 87km mark, he is fine and his crew wishes all teams and officials all the best. Thanks to Andrew Mc and Hully for doing some hard yards and to Mickey for being “the ferryman”!

Waiting on Jane Trumper, Renae Brock, Liz Woodgate (still running on Snowy River Way, waiting on a time).

Overall Leaders:

1. Gerard Riordan 10:46 2. Joe Ward 10:57 3. Andrew McConnell 10:58 4. Kay Bretz 11:25 5. Stephen Redfern 11:27

6. (#1W) Maree Connor 11:32 7. Rob Mason 11:38 8. Andrew Heyden 11:45 9. Ben Nicholls 12:19 10. Justin Rawlings 12:33, just ahead of Justin Scholz (12:35). There is a group of runners around the 12:45 mark and others closer to 13:00.

Lead Women:

1 Maree Connor 11:32 2. Donna Urquhart 12:44 3. Kristen Brace 13:10 (!6th) 4 Cassie Cohen 13:42 5 Beck Butler 13:45 6 Julie Brock 14:00 7 Pam Muston 14:07 8 Annabel Hepworth 14:00  9 Nicole Burke 14:35

Jane Trumper Liz Woodgate Renae Brock


Joe Ward through in 10:57. Andy McConnell just behind (10:58). Appear to be first two, waiting on news.

Will be interesting as atm appears Joe has moved to the lead from 5th place at CP2.