First Runner through CP 4 Dalgety 148km

Joe Ward through CP4 Dalgety in 14:59. Gerard Riordan appears 2nd in 15:15. A bit of a time swing, but hard to know at the moment with gear changes, maintenance, sustenance, rest. The other sub 11hr CP3 runner Andrew McConnell is 3rd (15:44) “running well”.

Kay Bretz is 4th in 16:10. Maree Connor through in 16:42, Rob Mason through in 16:48, closely followed by Stephen Redfern (16:50), Andy Heyden in at 17:05. Ben Nicholls (18:18), Greg Thomson (18:35). That’s our Top 10. Marc Rawling has arrived in 19:04, feeling OK. Kristen Brace and Donna Urquhart (19:05) are equal 2nd women. Scott Harrison, 19:15 all good.

A few changes as a few extra challenges can delay results getting through.

As legend has it, this is where the race starts!

I’ve updated CP3 leaders … although that is taken care of in the Leaderboard as well.

To add some context from 2020 results (yes, different conditions)…

The CP3 leaders were only around 10min behind Joasia’s stage time (she went on to 3rd overall).

The CP4 leaders are now ahead of 2020 2nd and 3rd (15:19 and 15:28).