2021 Coast to Kosci Ultramarathon concludes

All runners have now crossed the finish line, and/or are safely off the course. The presentation will commence at the main dining hall, Sport and Rec centre, Barry Way, Jindabyne  at 9am in the morning. Thank you for your participation and/or interest in Australia’s premium ultramarathon, and we look forward to seeing you all again […]

Adrian Whatmore – home in 24th place

Adrian Whatmore has put on a strong finish to break the tape in 37:38:50 and finish in the daylight. Congratulations to Adrian and his team on getting the job done!

Stephane Moulin claims 19th place

Stephane has crossed the line in 19th place, in 34:29:07. Time now to break out the bubbly and celebrate a great achievement. Congratulations Stephane and crew!